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Welcome to Biotechmedia.com.

This is a marketing resource site for the medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and veterinary industries and the companies serving their growing needs. Biotechmedia is a Search Engine devoted to providing healthcare marketers with access to important information about the availability of marketing information such as list rental and space advertising opportunities that are available on the Internet.

Our business is to provide our clients with information that will help them make the most effective advertising decisions possible. This includes mail and email list rentals and ad placements in all the publications and associations listed on our site.

All the major trade publications and professional associations are included at Biotechmedia.com. Each publication has a dedicated Publication Profile Page that contains basic information. And when available, a List Rental DataPage. The DataPage contains important subscriber information such as Job Titles, Work Area, Type of Laboratory, Discipline etc.

Email and Mail List Rentals are a valuable marketing tool for many companies. List rentals are also an excellent resource for industry research studies.

Here’s a link to a page we created that explains the list rental process:

Also here’s a link to a page we created that may help you design your message:

Mission Statement

Whether you call it : information, data, metrics, open rates, binary 11’s and 00’s or input, our mission, our reason for existing, is to provide our client’s with as much information as possible. And in so doing, to earn a reasonable fee for providing this “information” to our clients.

What Makes Us Better and Different
We serve only one Master.

Other list brokers or list management companies generate revenue via two methods. First, they’ve contracted with list owners, e.g. publishers and secondly, they’ve developed their own lists via several methods, e.g. phone books, seminar attendees, etc.

The second method produces the largest revenue stream. This because they don’t have to pay a list owner for the right to market their lists.

Biotechmedia.com is different then both these company types.


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