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On Publication Profile Pages
If you’re involved in either the healthcare, pharma, biotech or medical device industries, then you are familiar with all the publications in our Publication Profile Pages.More importantly, your customers are also familiar with these publications. When your customers visit one of our Publication Profile Pages they’ll see your ad and with a click of their mouse, they’re on your site, which is exactly where you want them.

On Mail and Email List Rental Pages
Companies that visit these pages include: pharma companies that want to contact prescribing physicians, medical device component companies that need to get their message out to device manufacturers and companies that must get the attention of those in the nursing field.


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Every Advertiser and Page Sponsor receives…—One large banner ad, (approx. 100×500 pixels) at top of one Web page.
—Or, your text ad that’s up to six lines displayed in the side bar columns.

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Refund Policy: Advertisers will receive a refund of their ad program, when requested via writing or email, based upon a pro ration of the number of days remaining in the insertion order.

RATES$145.00 per month for one/first page.

$175.00 per month for two pages.

$125.00 per month per page after two pages.