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Welcome to Biotechmedia.com.

This is a marketing resource site for the medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and veterinary industries and the companies serving their growing needs. Biotechmedia is a Search Engine devoted to providing healthcare marketers with access to important information about the availability of marketing information such as list rental and space advertising opportunities that are available on the Internet.

Our business is to provide our clients with information that will help them make the most effective advertising decisions possible. This includes mail and email list rentals and ad placements in all the publications and associations listed on our site.

All the major trade publications and professional associations are included at Biotechmedia.com. Each publication has a dedicated Publication Profile Page that contains basic information. And when available, a List Rental DataPage. The DataPage contains important subscriber information such as Job Titles, Work Area, Type of Laboratory, Discipline etc.

Email and Mail List Rentals are a valuable marketing tool for many companies. List rentals are also an excellent resource for industry research studies.

Here’s a link to a page we created that explains the list rental process:

Also here’s a link to a page we created that may help you design your message:

Mission Statement

Whether you call it : information, data, metrics, open rates, binary 11’s and 00’s or input, our mission, our reason for existing, is to provide our client’s with as much information as possible. And in so doing, to earn a reasonable fee for providing this “information” to our clients.

What Makes Us Better and Different
We serve only one Master.

Other list brokers or list management companies generate revenue via two methods. First, they’ve contracted with list owners, e.g. publishers and secondly, they’ve developed their own lists via several methods, e.g. phone books, seminar attendees, etc.

The second method produces the largest revenue stream. This because they don’t have to pay a list owner for the right to market their lists.

Biotechmedia.com is different then both these company types.


Please email us with any comments or questions about how we can help you..

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On Publication Profile Pages
If you’re involved in either the healthcare, pharma, biotech or medical device industries, then you are familiar with all the publications in our Publication Profile Pages.More importantly, your customers are also familiar with these publications. When your customers visit one of our Publication Profile Pages they’ll see your ad and with a click of their mouse, they’re on your site, which is exactly where you want them.

On Mail and Email List Rental Pages
Companies that visit these pages include: pharma companies that want to contact prescribing physicians, medical device component companies that need to get their message out to device manufacturers and companies that must get the attention of those in the nursing field.


Cost of Advertising on Biotechmedia.com

Every Advertiser and Page Sponsor receives…—One large banner ad, (approx. 100×500 pixels) at top of one Web page.
—Or, your text ad that’s up to six lines displayed in the side bar columns.

If you want to Advertise, then please email us at Ads@Biotechmedia.com

Refund Policy: Advertisers will receive a refund of their ad program, when requested via writing or email, based upon a pro ration of the number of days remaining in the insertion order.

RATES$145.00 per month for one/first page.

$175.00 per month for two pages.

$125.00 per month per page after two pages.

Alpha Site Links

We are working on getting these lists made available to you ASAP, bare with us, we are re-launching!

AACN Clinical Issues-Journal
Action Letter-Definition
Acuity Care Technology
Acupuncture TodayMail List
Acupuncturists Email from Medical Solutions
AdAge Magazine
Adrafinil Powders & Dosage
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
Advanced Imaging Magazine
Advances in Skin & Wound Care, The Journal for Prevention and Healing
Adverse Drug Reaction-Definition
Advertising on Biotechmedia.com
Agency Profile, 2001
Agricultural Biotechnology
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors–National Association of
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mail List
Amazon.com Master List
American Academy of Family Physicians Mail List
American Academy of Medical Administrators Mail List
American Academy of Pediatrics Mail List
American Association of Blood Banks Mail List
American Association of Diabetes Educators Mail List
American Association of Medical Assistants Mail List
American Assoc. For Medical Transcription Email and Mail List
American Assoc. of Pharmaceutical Scientists Mail and Email
American Biotechnology Lab-Magazine
American Board of Medical Specialties Mail List
American College of Clinical Pharmacy Mail List
American College of Nurse-Midwives Mail List
American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine Mail List
American College of Physicians Association Mail List
American Dental Association Mail List
American Diabetes Association Mail List
Americas Health Insurance Plans Mail List
American Health Lawyers Association Mail List
American Hospitals – Mail List
American Hospitals – Personnel Mail List
American Journal of Health-Systems Pharmacy
American Journal of Human Genetics-Magazine
American Journal of Medical Genetics-Magazine
American Journal of Nursing
American Laboratory,-Magazine
American Massage Therapy Association Email and Mail List Info
Amercian Medical Association Mail List AMA
American Osteopathic Association Mail List
American Pharmaceutical Association -Journal
American Pharmacists Association Mail List
Amercian Physicians Email List
American Scientist-Magazine
American Society for Clinical Pathology Mail List
American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Mail List
American Society of Health System Pharmacists Mail List
Anesthesiology News
Annuals of Human Genetics-Magazine
Applied Clinical Trials – Email List – Mail List
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
Assisted Living Success Mail List
Association for Laboratory Automation Mail List
Associations- Medical Meetings – Mail List – Email List
Alternative & Complementary Therapies Journal
Audit Services
Autoclaves and Accessories


Banner Ad Rates
Banners and Logos-Linked to Biotechmedia.com
Bar Coding
Barrister’s Directory of Physicians
Barrister’s Biotech, Life Sciences and BioPharma Mail and Email List-
BioChemicals & Reagents
BioExecutive Intl Mail and Email List
Bio-IT World-Magazine – Mail and Email List
Biologics, The
Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology-Journal
Biomedical Market Newsletter
Bioscience Technology – Email List – Mail List
BioPharm – Email List – Mail List
Biophotonics International
BioProcess International – Mail and Email List
BioResearchers Mail and Email List Information
Bioscience Technology Magazine
Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Journal
Biotech Facilities
Biotech Financial Reports
Biotech International
Biotech, Life Sciences and BioPharma Mail and Email List-Barrister’s
BioTechniques Mail and Email List
Biotechnology-A Definition
Biotechnology & Bioengineering-Journal
Biotechnology Investment Opportunities
Biotechnology Law Report
Biotechnology News
Biotechnology Progress-Journal
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis
BPA Audit Services
Brand Packaging
Breast Cancer
Broadcasting & Cable
Bulk Preparations
Burn Care & Rehabilitation, Journal of


CW Weekly-Fax Newsletter/Centerwatch
Calibration Equipment
California Pharmacists Association
Call Center Magazine
Canadian Hospitals Mail List
Canadian Physicians Mail List
Cancer Cell
Cardiology in Review
Cell Mail List
Cell Culture
Cell Metabolism
CenterWatch Monthly Newsletter
Chain Drug Review – Mail List
Chemical Analysis
Chemistry & Biology from Cell Press
Chemical Market Reporter
Chiropractic Economics Magazine
Chiropractic -Dynamic Chiropractic Magazine Mail List
Chiropractic Products – Email List – Mail List
Chiropractic Professionals Email and Mail List
Chromatographic Analysis
Chroma. Equip.& Supplies
CIO Magazine – Email and Mail List
Circulators and Water Baths
Circulation Journal
Circulation Research Journal
Classified Ads by Region
Clean Room
Cleanrooms Magazine – Mail List
Clinica Magazine
Clinical Chemistry – Mail List
Clinical Discovery
Clinical Laboratory News- Mail List
Clinical Lab Products
Clinical Laboratory International
Clinical Nurse Specialists Mail List
Clinical Packaging
Clin.Pkg-Matl/Product Mgmt
Clinical Pack. Software
Clinical Pulmonary Medicine Journal
Clinical Services
Clinical Trials: Phases-Definition
Clinical Trial Labeling: Spotlight on a Technology Driven Industry
Clinical Trial Software
Clinical Trial Mgmt Phase I
–Phase ll Clinical Trials Mgmt
–Phase III Clinical Trials Mgmt
–Phase IV Clinical Trials Mgmt
CNS News
CNS Senor Care
Combinational Chemistry
Commercial Dispute Litigators
Communications News
Computer Software Training
Consultant Pharmacists Mail List
Consumer Email Lists Information
Contamination Control
Contemporary OB/GYN Magazine
Contemporary Pediatrics Magazine
Contemporary Urology Magazine
Constant Temp Chambers
Contract Manufacturing
Contract Pharma-Publication
Contract Services
Control Equip & Systems
Corporate Meetings and Incentives
Corp. Money Management
Corporate Profiles
Cosmetic Packaging & Design
Cosmetic/Personal Care Packaging – Email Mail
Cosmetic Surgeons Mail List
Cosmetic Surgery Times Email List Mail List
Creativity Magazine
Critical Pathways in Cardiology Journal
CRM-Customer Relationship Management-Definition
CRM and The Pharmaceutical Industry: A Necessary Partnership
CRM Magazine
CSO Magazine Mail and Email List
Current Biology from Cell Press
Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care Journal
Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
CW-CenterWatch Monthly Newsletter
CW Weekly-Fax Newsletter/Centerwatch


Data Lock-Definition
Data Management Software-Clinical
Data Management Software
Deal, The Magazine
Decisions in Imaging Economics Journal
Degradation Studies
Demographics and Site Statistics
Dental EconomicsEmail List Mail List
Dental Email List
Dental Lab Products – Email List – Mail List
Dental Practice Report – Email List – Mail List
Dental Product Report-Europe
Dental Product Report – Email List – Mail List
Dermatology Times – Email List – Mail List
Development Labs
Developmental Cell – Cell Press Mail List
Device-Medical Master File-Email
Device-Medical Master File-Mail
Diagnostic & Invasive Cardiology
Diagnostic Lab Products
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Journal
Digital Healthcare & Productivity Mail and Email List
DIRECT Magazine
Dissolution Testing
Diversity and Health Journal
Doctors Email Adddresses-Amercian Physicians Email List
Document Storage & Retrieval
Doctors, Physicians Name, Address, Phone and Fax
DM News
DNA Sequencing
Drug Delivery
Drug Delivery Technology – Email List – Mail List
Drug Discovery & Development – Email List – Mail List
Drug Plus international – Mail List
Drug Safety Reporting
Drug Stability Test
Drug Store NewsMail List
Drug Topics – Email List – Mail List
DVM Newsmagazine
DVM Newsmagazine Email and Mail List
Dynamic Chiropractic Magazine Mail List


Ear and Hearing Journal
ECN Email and Mail List Information (Electronic Components)
Elsevier Medical File Mail List Information
Electrophoresis Equipment
Employee Benefits
Employee Training
Employment Law
Endodontics , Journal of
EndoNurse MagazineMail and Email List
Engineering MediaMatrix
Environmental Rooms
Environmental Testing
Ecliniqua Email List
Equipment Leasing
European Medical Device
European Pharmaceutical Executive
European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Evaluation Enginerring Magazine List Rental Information
Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews Journal
Eye and Contact Lens: Science and Clinical Practice Journal


FDA Matters
Filtering Equip.& Supplies
Filter Testing/Certificate
Finance MediaMatrix
Firstline Magazine – Email List – Mail List
Flexible Packaging Magazine
Forensic Nurse Mail List
Formulary Magazine
Freezing & Heating Devices


Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News
Gastroenterology Nursing Journal
General Surgery News
Genetics 101
Genetics in Medicine Journal
Generic Drug Manufacturers
Genital Tract Disease, (Journal of Lower )
G & P (Genomics & Proteomics) – Mail List
Genomics Investing
Geriatrics Magazine
Glaucoma , Journal of
Good Clinical Practice Journal, The
Government Contracts
GMO’s and Transportation-Definition
GMP Audits
Good Clinical Practice Journal, The
GYN/OB-Contemporary Magazine


Hazmat Services
Healthcare Informatics
Healthcare Management Review Journal
Health Data Management Magazine – Email ListMail List
Health Management Technology – Email ListMail List
Health-IT World Magazine
Health Physics Journal
Health Supplement Retailer-Natural Products Marketplace
Hearing Products Report
Hearing Review Journal
High Throughput Screening
History of Biotech
HMO-PPO Mail List Information
HomeCare Magazine Mail List
Home Health Care Dealer/Provider Magazine
Home Healthcare Nurse Journal
Hospitals and their Labs Master Listing Page
Hospitals – Email List Information
Hospitals – Mail List
Hospitals – Personnel Mail List
Hospitalists-American College of Physicians (ACP) Mail List
Hospitalists-The Society of Hospital Medicine Mail List
Hospitalists Today’s Mail List
Human Resources MediaMatrix
Human Resource Mgmt
Hygienist, Modern – Email List – Mail List


Imaging Economics Journal-(Decisions in )
Imaging Technology Email and Mail List
Imaging Technology News
Immediate Care Business
Immunotherapy , (Journal of )
Immunity from Cell Press
Implant Dentistry Journal
Infection Control Today – Mail and Email List
Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice Journal
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Journal
Inform Magazine
Info Tech MediaMatrix
Inspection Devices
Institute of Validation Technology Mail and Email List
Instrumentation MediaMatrix
Insurance: Liability
International Bio/Pharma Law
International Biotechnology Laboratory
International Hospital Equipment & Solutions
International Journal of Gynecological Pathology
International Laboratory News
International Physicians Email List
International Physicians Mail List
International Publications
Investigative Radiology Journal
Investor Relations
In Vitro Testing
In Vivo: The Business & Medicine Report
IVD Technology – Email List – Mail List
J &K

Journal of Managed Care Medicine


Lab Animal Magazine – Mail List
Laboratory Automation Mail List-Association for
Lab Automation & Robotics Email List
Lab Plus (Products) International – Mail List
Laboratory Equipment – Email List – Mail List
LCGC – Email List – Mail List
LCGC-Europe Magazine – Mail and Email List
LocumLife Email List Mail List
Long-Term Care-Interface
Long Term Care News -McKnight’s-Email List Mail List


American Journal of Managed Care
Managed Healthcare Executive-Magazine–Email List – Mail List
Manufacturing MediaMatrix
Market Research Vendors
Marketing Information, Articles, Studies and Surveys
Marketing & Media Research Reports & Surveys
Marketing Profile
Master Planning -Validation
Material Analysis
McKnight’s Long Term Care News -Email List Mail List
Measurement Instr./Sensors
Med Ad News Mail List
Media & Marketing
Media, Medical Pharmaceutical Database Mail and Phone List
Medical Device-Master File-Email
Medical Device-Master File-Mail
Medical Design TechnologyEmail List Mail List
Medical Device Technology-European Edition Mail List Email List
Medical Device & Diagnostics Industry Mail List Email List
Medical Economics-MagazineEmail List Mail List
Medical Electronics Manufacturing Mail List Email List
Medical Imaging
Medical Laboratory Observer Magazine -Email
Medical Laboratory Observer Magazine -Mail
Medical Marketing Case Studies
Medical Marketing & Media-Magazine
Medical Meetings- Mail List – Email List
Medical Product Manufacturing News Mail ListEmail List
Medical Products Outsourcing
Medical Students Mail List
Medtech Insight
Meetings and Seminar Calendar
Member Rates
Mergers & Acquisitions-Finance
Mergers & Acquisitions-Legal
Method Development
Method Validation
Microscopy/Image Analysis
Microbiological Analysis
Mixing/ Blending
Modern Healthcare Email List Mail List
Modern Hygienist – Email List – Mail List
Modern Physician Mail List
Molecular CellMX Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives – Mail List – Email List


National Association of Managed Care Physicians Mail List
National Council for Prescription Drug Programs Mail List
Natural Products Insider – Email and Mail List
Natural Products Marketplace-Email and Mail List
Nature Mail List
Nature Biotechnology
Nature Cell Biology
Nature Genetics
Nature Immunology
Nature Materials
Nature Medicine
Nature Neuroscience
Nature Reviews Cancer
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology
Naturopathy DigestMail List
Network Design & Maintenance
Neuron from Cell Press
Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology,(Journal of )
Neurophysiology, Journal of Clinical
New England Journal of Medicine Mail List
New England Journal of Medicine Intl Mail List
New Jersey Pharmacist’s Association
North Carolina Association of Pharmacists
North Dakota Pharmacists Association
Nurse Practitioners (NPs) Mail List
Nurse Practitioners’ Prescribing Reference Mail List
Nursing Home Management Decision Makers Mail List
Nutraceuticals World
Nutritional Outlook Magazine Email List – Mail List
Nutritional Wellness – Mail List


OB/GYN-Contemporary Magazine
Oh, what Beautiful Teeth
Ohio Pharmacists Association
Ophthalmology, (Journal of Neuro- )
Ophthalmology TimesEmail List Mail List
Optometrists Mail List
Orthodontic Products Email List Mail List
Orthopedic Design & Technology
Orthopaedic Nursing
Orthopedic Technology Review
Outpatient Care Technology


Packaging, Cosmetic/Personal Care
Packaging for Clinical Trials
Packaging MediaMatrix
Pain Medicine News
Patent Services
Patient Care Magazine – Email List – Mail-List
PCR Equipment & Supplies
PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology-Journal
Pediatrics-Contemporary Magazine
Pediatrics, (Journal of Developmental & Behavioral)
Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition , (Journal of )
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, (Journal of )
Pediatric Orthopaedics , (Journal of )
Pelvic Medicine & Surgery ,(Journal of )
Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association
Perishable Services
Pharma Business-Magazine
Pharmaceutical Business Strategies
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Email List – Mail List
Pharmaceutical Discovery-Magazine
Pharmaceutical Executives Strategy Series Mail and Email
Pharmaceutical Executive – Email List – Mail List
Pharmaceutical Laboratory-Magazine
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing-Magazine – Email and Mail List
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
Pharmaceutical Processing-Magazine
Pharmaceutical Representative-Magazine
Pharmaceutical Technology-Magazine
Pharmaceutical Technology-Europe-Magazine
Pharmaceutical Strategic Alliances Vol XV
Pharmaceutical Visions Magazine-International
Pharmacy Practice News
Pharmacy Technicians Mail List
Pharmacy Times-Magazine
Pharmacy Today-Magazine
PharmaVOICEMail and Email List Information
Phase 1-5 Clinical Trials-Definition
Phase I Clinical Trials Mgmt
Phase ll Clinical Trials Mgmt
Phase III Clinical Trials Mgmt
Phase IV Clinical Trials Mgmt
Physical Therapists Mail List
Physical Therapy Products – Email List – Mail List
Physicians Email List
Physicians Email List International
Physician’s Office Email Addresses
Plant Protection Masterfile Mail List
Plastic Surgery Products
Pilot Plant-Validation
Pilot Plants-Engineering
PM360 Magazine Mail List
Preclinica Mail and Email List
Pre Clinical Studies-Definition
Pre Clinical Development
Pre Clinical Testing
Prescribing Data Provided by NDC Health Mail List
Press Release Archiving Services
Process Development
Process Validation
Product Develop. Support
Product Design and Development Email and Mail
Product Formulation
Product Management Today Mail List
Product Registration
PROMO Magazine
Publication & Web Auditing
Publications: A-H
Publications: I- M
Publications: N- Z
Publications: International
Physical Testing
Psychologists Mail List
Psychology & Marketing Journal


R & D Directions-Magazine
R & D Research & Development Magazine
RDH Magazine- Dental Hygiene Professionals Email List Mail List
RN Magazine
Reagents & BioChem
Recruitment Ad Program
Recruitment: Executive
Recruitment: Operations
Recruitment: Research
Refund Policy-Sponsorships and Memberships
Rehab Management – Email List – Mail List
Renal Business Today Mail and Email List
Research and Development Master Listing Page
Research & Development – Email List – Mail List
Research Reports & Surveys: Marketing & Media
Resident & Staff Physician
Retail Pharmacy Management (Formally-News)
Retina Journal
Review of Optometry – Mail List
Raw Material Testing
Repair Instrumentation
RFID Journal
Rhode Island Pharmacists Association
RT, The Journal for Respiratory Care Practitioners

Sales and Marketing Management
Scale-Up Services
Science Magazine Mail List
Scientific Computing and Automation -Magazine
Scrip Magazine
Scrip World Pharmaceutical News
Security Email Database
Silicon Valley Technology -Magazine
Single-Blind Study-Definition
Site Management Organization
Site Statistics and Demographics
Sleep Review, The Journal for Sleep Specialists
Society of Hospital Medicine Mail List-Hospitalists-The
Solid Dosage-Mfg
Solid Dosage-Packaging
South Dakota Pharmacists Association
Specialty Pharma – Mail List
Special Events Magazine
Stability Testing
Start-Up Magazine
Sterility Testing
Sterile Process
Structure from Cell Press
Surgical Products – Email List – Mail List
surgicenter (today’s ) – Mail and Email List
Surrogate Marker-Definition
Surveys & Research: Marketing & Media
System Integration
Syringes, Pre Filled


Target Marketing
Technical Writing
Technology Transfer
Teeth , Oh, what Beautiful
Temperature Equip./Instr.
Temporary Help
Test & Measurement World
Testing Devices
The Institute of Validation Technology Mail and Email List
Today’s Hospitalists- Email List – Mail List
today’s surgicenter – Mail and Email List
Tombstone Ads-National
Tombstone Ads-Regional
Tomography , Journal of Computer Assisted
Toxicology Services
TradeShow Week
Transcription , Journal of Amer Assoc. for Medical
Transplant Masterfile Mail List
Transportation and GMO’s-Definition
Trendwatch Graphics Arts


Ultrasonic Cleaning Equip
Urology-Contemporary Magazine
U.S.Customs Matters
USP-NF Testing
US Pharmacist – Mail and Email List

Vacuum Equipment
Validation MediaMatrix
Validation Services
Validation Support
Valuation, Business
Vendors-Market Research
Venture Capital
Veterinary EconomicsEmail List Mail List
Veterinary HospitalsEmail List Mail List
Veterinary Medicine Email List Mail List

W,X,Y & Z

Warning Letter-Definition
Washout Period-Definition
Water Purification Systems
Web Designers Challenge
Web Sites Master List A-G
Web Sites Master List H-N
Web Sites Master List O-Z
Weekly Summary
Wellness Foods Magazine
Who Publishes What?
Who Publishes What-Journals?
Wireless Review
Workout Services
Wyoming Pharmacy Association